AirTeam Services
Your partner for quality super-vision on Munich airport
Who we are?
AirTeam Services
Your partner for quality supervision on Munich airport
Who we are?

Who we are

AirTeam Services is an independent company, established in late 2004 performing handling supervision for airlines operating into/from Munich Airport.
Our company acts very successfully in the representation of various international airlines, operating with scheduled and charter services to Munich. These airlines are ramp handled by different handling agents, Airport Munich, Aeroground and Swissport Losch, with Lufthansa and other handling agents contracted for passenger and operations handling. In addition our company is involved in crew service matters for two major German charter airlines.
All handling supervisors of AirTeam Services are well trained and highly experienced in the fields of supervising the handling of passengers, cargo, mail, baggage, operations, catering, ramp activity, irregularities in case of delays or cancellations of flights as well as in pre- and post-flight administration. AirTeam Services guarantees that its supervisors will show an airline-minded attitude , so that interests of the airlines for which we act are always put first. The handling supervisors of AirTeam Services are all in possession of the required Munich airport passes and of the necessary ramp authorisations for their cars. In order to keep its charges as low as possible, AirTeam Services supervisors use their own cars on the ramp but work from the company office or if desired from the office of the airline or airline handling agent concerned. AirTeam Services does not levy any surcharges for handling supervision during evening hours, weekends or holidays.

At present AirTeam Services performs handling supervision and crew services for:

AirTeam Services supervisors have become an essential part of their customers' operation. From pre-flight to post-departure, skilled co-ordination is provided for all handling activities except ticketing which can be provided by a third party on request. A direct link between the carrier and the contracted suppliers, such as ground handling agents, caterers, technicians and with government regulatory bodies and the local airport authority is thus always on hand to guarantee the optimum results.
Please contact us for further detailed information about our company as well as for AirTeam Services handling supervision rates.


Work with us!

Why decide upon AirTeam Services?

The airline industry is confronted with a continued and increased pressure on yield and revenues. Therefore many airlines are willing to reduce their costs substantially on one hand and to try and improve the services they render to their customers on the other hand.
AirTeam Services can help your airline to save on personnel costs and to improve the quality of the ground handling of your flights by offering you professional handling supervision by well-trained, experienced and airline-minded supervisors at reasonable rates.
Appointing AirTeam Services as your station representatives is not the only way your airline can make big staff cost savings.. More savings can be achieved by contracting AirTeam Services as your handling supervisors for a limited number of your flights which cannot be supervised by your own staff, for instance during high season schedule increases and in case of sickness and/or vacation of your own station staff. Using the services of AirTeam Services will always be cheaper than hiring additional people or having absent staff replaced temporarily by others from your head office, whilst also guaranteeing continued professional handling supervision of your flights.
Contrary to the in-house supervision offered by some handling agents, AirTeam Services is a neutral and independent enterprise ensuring that your agent performs duties in accordance with the Ground Handling Agreement between your airline and that company. AirTeam Services furthermore ensures strict adherence to the standards and procedures of your airline, including safety and security regulations.

AirTeam Services supervises the handling of your flights as though this was being done by your own station staff, but the rates which AirTeam Services charge are considerably less than those for hiring additional station staff.


What we do

Which services AirTeam Services renders?
AirTeam Services supervises the handling of your flights in the following fields:

Passenger handling

We ensure that your passengers reach your flights in time and as easy as possible.

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Baggage handling

We ensure that all of your baggage will properly handled.

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Cargo & Mail handling

Collect incoming cargo and mail documents from crew and hand over...

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Operational handling

Check and verify aircraft data, ETA and LDM of incoming flight...

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Ramp handling

Ensure timely availability of air-bridge connecter, foreman...

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Irregularity handling

Ensure that passengers are properly informed about delay...

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